"Love their pizza best in town! They put as much cheese as most places do their extra cheese! Everything is fresh pizza is always hot and to die for!"

- Firbia Edna Smith
Mansfield, Ohio

"I purchased pizza from Besta Fasta for my 15th service anniversary at my place of employment and the manager was nice enough to offer a great discount that was more of in savings than the coupons I was going to use. They did the same for my parents who were hosting a summer camp for over 50 kids who were visiting from China. They also graciously donated gift certificates for 2 fundraiser events I was a part of. So not only is the food fantastic...so is the staff."

- Donna Hill

"Don't waste your money on any other pizza. This is the best, period!"

- Justin Mathias
Teah Atwater Photography 

"Best pizza in Mansfield, hands down. "

- Jerrick Feagin
Mansfield, Ohio

"I always have Besta Fasta Pizza ready on speed dial. Never a disappointment."

- Bob Keller

"We had a delicious pizza tonight! Thanks your pizza is amazing and employees were awesome. "

- Becky Riley
Mansfield, Ohio

"Just had Hawaiian pizza last night, we get something at least once a week!"

- Kevin Butch Newton
Gordon Flesch Co. 

"You guys have the best pizza in Mansfield."

- Mike Moore
MTD Products 

"Love the pizza, I've been getting it since moving to Mansfield. I have tried a couple others just end up wishing it had been a Besta Fasta."

- Anita Windbigler
Mansfield, Ohio

"BEST PIZZA EVER. Sometimes takes awhile for food to arrive HOWEVER, IT IS WORTH THE WAIT 10 millions times over. What other pizza place will deliver just about any kind of chips or anything they have in a convenience store? My family has been ordering from them since 1980 something. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place!!!! Well worth the price and wait !!!!!"

- Jack Hardy
Mansfield, Ohio

"I love this pizza!"

- Darla Kay Meyers
The Ohio State University 
Bellville, Ohio

"My husband refuses to eat any other pizza...ever. 5 stars."

- Anita Mckee
Mansfield, Ohio